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World Rivers Day Message

Sep 27 2020

World Rivers Day Message

As we celebrate World Rivers Day, we must of course celebrate our Divine Mother Ganga, who is not only a river, She’s a Goddess. Her riverbed is the sacred temple through which She flows…. Her riverbed is a 2500 km flowing, sacred temple where we worship on Her banks, Her water bathing us both spiritually and physically. Ganga is the provider of moksha, divine spiritual liberation and also a healthy physical life for those living in Her basin.

We may not have been able to prevent the catastrophic Corona Virus but we certainly can prevent the next very severe and life-threatening challenge to our planet — running out of clean, fresh drinking water. According to UN statistics by 2030, India is going to have only half the water it needs, and by 2040, the whole world will have only half the water it needs.

“As our world is coming together with such great commitment and connection to protect ourselves from the Corona Virus, let us be sure that we can also harness and use that same energy to protect all of our rivers, oceans and streams and to prevent running out of clean water, to prevent a situation where our sisters and brothers around the world don’t have access to it.”

“Let us not only take on the challenge of Corona, but let us take on the challenge of Karuna, of compassion. Can we, on World Rivers Day today, make a pledge and commitment to do whatever we can do to make different choices about what we eat, what we buy and how we live in order to protect and preserve the sacred water of our planet. This choice is in our hands today and everyday!”

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