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Why should we listen to our Inner Voice?

Jul 23 2021

Why should we listen to our Inner Voice?

Instead of asking ourselves why we should listen to our inner voice, we might actually want to ask ourselves what other voice we’re listening to that keeps us from hearing our inner voice. It’s pretty-well universally-accepted that our inner voice is the voice of the Spirit…the vehicle by which the voice of God can be heard. So, considering how perfect whatever that voice says is, why would we choose not to listen to it?

If Ego or laziness or simple programming come to mind, you would be right – they’re definitely factors in ignoring our inner voice. They, and the fact that they become so much of a habit for us that we just become used to listening to all of the other voices, rather than the one that we know for a fact to be our true guide…our true connection to the Divine.

In this serene video filmed along the holy banks of Mother Ganga, Sadhviji offers a simple guide to quieting the noise and distractions that drown-out our inner voice of truth – and, more importantly, what we can do to amplify that voice to ensure that we’re listening to and actually hearing the voice that we can always trust.

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