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Why do we do Puja?

Aug 23 2021

Why do we do Puja?

Puja – an act of worship – is one of the most-beautiful and -beloved aspects of the Hindu tradition. During these sacred ceremonies, we offer food and flowers and light to the Divine, thanking Him for all of His blessings and demonstrating our devotion to Him (or, Her). Interestingly, however, we don’t actually perform these ceremonies for God. God, after all, doesn’t need our flowers or our food. As Sadhviji shares, we do puja for ourselves in order to make – in those moments – God the center of our lives.

In this enlightening video, Sadhviji eloquently explains how we can make these moments even more powerful and meaningful, so that the time that we give to God is filled with love and gratitude and devotion, and so that our puja will be as beneficial to our connection to God as possible.

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