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What is the Best Meditation Technique?

Aug 26 2021

What is the Best Meditation Technique?

What’s the best vehicle to drive? The most-effective cleaning product to use? Where is the most-interesting place to vacation? All very good questions. And, as with so much, all very much a subjective opinion based on our own principles, practices and experiences. Do you like cars or trucks, beaches or mountains, natural products or chemicals?

The same is true about meditation techniques. The one that works for you is going to be determined by your experiences and your temperament and your beliefs…by your likes and desires. And, that’s okay because, just as all vehicles will get you from point A to point B, all practices will connect you with the Divine. It’s just a matter of which one is more comfortable or more practical to you – after all, you’re the one meditating.

In this informative video, Sadhviji eloquently offers insights into the myriad number of meditation techniques that exist – and, why getting stuck in the particulars of the meditation technique actually minimize the benefits of the practice.

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