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What is Standing Between You & Freedom?

Sep 20 2021

What is Standing Between You & Freedom?

Until we realize the importance of forgiveness in our lives, we will not progress. Forgiveness, you see, is the key to our spiritual freedom. Throughout our lives, we have experiences, some of them positive, some of them not-so-great. And, we hold on to those experiences, like baggage, carrying them with us from the past to the present day. How free can we be if we’re still carrying all of those past experiences with us today?

As Sadhviji so beautifully shares, traveling is so much easier and so much more enjoyable when we travel lightly – without a lot of baggage to weigh and slow us down. It is, quite frankly, a freer experience! It’s the same thing with life – it’s a much more enjoyable experience – an experience of freedom! – without a lot of baggage weighing us down.

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