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What is Peace? – Happy International Peace Day!

Sep 21 2021

What is Peace? – Happy International Peace Day!

Today is #InternationalPeaceDay. It’s such a beautiful opportunity to look deep into ourselves and our societies and see how we can blossom and open our hearts into full peace for all. First, though, we have to ask why are we not in peace? We are not in peace because we are blinded by the myth of separation. This illusion of separation is the cause of everything that ails us – from personal depression to addiction, to conflict in our homes, companies and communities to wars, environmental destruction and climate change. When we feel separate, when we believe we are separate — from the Divine, from Mother Earth and from each other — we suffer, and we bring suffering unto others and unto the planet.

On this International Day of Peace let us remember to choose peace!

But our definition of peace must also expand….Let us commit to a definition of peace, rooted in awareness of our oness, that includes all of our sisters and brothers — of every race, religion, colour, walk of life, socio-economic status, sexual orientation and walk of life, ensuring that everyone has access to clean air, clean water and clean soil, to human rights, to equality, to shelter and health care, to the basic necessities of life.

And of course, internally, personally, let us remember we are ONE with the Divine, with each other, with all of Creation…. We are not alone.

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