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What changes after Enlightenment?

Oct 26 2021

What changes after Enlightenment?

Unlike what so many believe, becoming enlightened doesn’t mean that we suddenly develop super powers, where we can fly through the air and walk on water and through walls – although, you might. It doesn’t mean that we grow another arm or horns or anything else. So, if you don’t get to do all sorts of super hero stuff, and you don’t transform physically into a super-being, what is is about enlightenment that is so appealing? Why do we all want it??

In this sublime teaching, Sadhviji shares with us that being enlightened isn’t a magic wand – it doesn’t mean that you get whatever you want and life is perfect and beautiful. It just means that, instead of living in darkness, you’re living in light. And, you know the truth of who and what you actually are. So that, instead of getting everything that you want, you want everything that you get.

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