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The Spiritual Science of Oneness

Jun 23 2020

The Spiritual Science of Oneness

Long before there was telephones or internet, on which we have become so reliant to connect us to the world, long before even the most basic technology, of cars, trains planes and automobiles that helped us to reach out and cross distances, the Holy Rishis and the Sacred Scriptures told us of our own built-in intranet – our inner connection to everything.

Without a smartphone, or iPad amongst them, they had the wisdom and knowledge that we are One. Make no mistake, the advent of technology is a wonderful asset to make us re-remember how connected we are. But the sole reliance on something outside of ourselves only fuels our disconnection from the Truth of who we are.

On this International Day of Yoga, Sadhviji shares her enlightened view on the Spiritual Science of Oneness and how living Yoga, Being Yoga connects us on the purest and deepest level back to our true selves and to each other. Listen to this timeless wisdom in the video below.

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