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The Lifting of the Veil

Jul 22 2020

The Lifting of the Veil

“I wasn’t even spiritual enough to know that I was on a spiritual quest”.

As Sadhvji recounts the moment of her awakening, in this very early interview about her coming to India, she speaks of the pivotal moment when she first stood on the banks of the holy river of Mother Ganga. She recounts that moment that the veil of illusion was pulled off. “It was not only a veil over my eyes, but over my mind, way of living, way of thinking, way of being, every aspect of who I thought I was, how I thought I knew the world. The veil was pulled off and I could see”. Listen below to the beautiful retelling of her life-altering journey of transformation, her introduction to Hinduism, her sacred promise to her Divine Guru, Pujya Swami Chittanand Saraswati and how she discovered her purpose.

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