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“Spirit of Life”, Dainik Jagran

हमारे बच्चे जैसे-जैसे बड़े होते है, हमें उन्हें कैसे कंट्रोल करना चाहिए? जैसे जब वे कॉलेज जाने की शुरुआत करें, तो उनपर हमारा नियंत्रण कैसा है?...

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Happy Independence Day!

This morning, Independence Day morning, I had the wonderful joy of spending a few minutes with our Rishikumars at our Ashram in Veerpur, in the rural and rustic nature. After joining Pujya Swamiji in hoisting the flag I had the opportunity to share with them...

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Breaking Free from Emotional Chains

Enjoy satsang with Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati ji answering more questions around life and spirituality. Today's topics included a discussion on breaking free from the emotional chains of past wrongdoings, and embracing the responsibilities as a child and parent. Sadhviji gives beautiful examples of the lives...

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Raise Spiritual Children

This article was originally published in The Speaking Tree, here. Good education is less about remembering facts and figures and more about learning to think creatively, says SADHVI BHAGAWATI SARASWATI How to show the young the way to spirituality, especially if they don’t seem inclined? ■ When I...

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