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Spirituality and Activism

Sadhviji responds passionately and eloquently to the ongoing racism, separation and violence that are currently permeating our world. She addresses the steps needed on both an individual and societal level to co-create a world of true oneness, and she explains clearly where spirituality and action...

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Energy of Kundalini

We hear about Kundalini and how it moves the energy through the body, but what does it feel like? What if we’re experiencing something different than what other people talk about? Does that mean we’re doing something wrong?...

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Is Yoga Hindu?

Yoga comes from the Indian spiritual tradition, Sanatan Dharma, also known as Hinduism. So, does it mean that practicing yoga is practicing Hinduism? Mala beads are also frequently worn by yogis. If you wear a mala or use on the chant mantras, does that mean...

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