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Why Do We Worship The Cow

Parmarth Niketan · Why Do We Worship The Cow So many westerners ask why Hindus revere the cow, why out of all the things in all of God's glorious creation, do we place cows above all other beings? In this lovely video from Satsang, Pujya Sadhviji...

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Change Your Vision & Change Your World

The world is an ever-changing and constantly-evolving place, and it's sometimes difficult to remember that those changes aren't always as the result of outside forces and things not in our control. Sometimes, we actually play a significant part in those changes. Sadhviji reminds us, "Jaisa...

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Karma Yoga or Renunciation?

When people are trying to choose a spiritual path, they often ask which is better: Karma Yoga or Renunciation. But, truly, there is no distinction between the two paths – they're not even two paths. Rather, they’re two aspects of the same...

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