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Yoga & Philosophy Tag

Are Mythologies True?

Mythology and the epic stories that have been passed from generation to generation are truly amazing. Fantastical tales of gods hurling thunderbolts, lifting mountains and performing wondrous feats abound in all of the faith traditions. But, are these mythologies really true? Can all of those...

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What is Life About?

What happens after death? What is life about and what is the purpose of life? These are questions that occupy so many of our minds as we navigate our way through a spiritual path. They are both deep and complex questions and yet understanding the...

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The Goal of Every Lifetime

The goal of our birth, this incarnation here on Earth is not about being rich, successful, famous or powerful. So, what is it? And, how do we achieve it? Sadhviji has the answer! And, while it may not be what you expect, it's definitely what...

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Why Do We Celebrate Birthdays?

Why celebrate birthdays? If we're not the body, why do we celebrate it? Why do we celebrate something that we know is not the truth? An incredibly powerful and compelling question, isn't it? Sadhviji has the answer to both the realness of the body and...

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