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Finding Balance in Life

In another variation on the theme of balancing life and spirituality, Sadhviji begins by explaining how each time the question is asked the answer is a bit different because the questioner’s perspective is unique to them. Finding balance between hobbies, career, spiritual pursuits, and family...

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Managing Time, Tongue & Thoughts

Time management, tongue management, and thought management, are Pujya Swamiji’s sutra for a happy life, explains Sadhviji. In this satsang, she walks through each of the three areas. Learn more about the mind and how it impacts the use of time; how tongue management includes...

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The Breath of Life

A spiritual seeker is noticing her breath slowing in meditation - almost to a complete stop - and is fearful she will die in meditation. Drawing upon her personal experience, Sadhviji offers reassurance that no one dies from meditation; the breath won’t stop. She ties...

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