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Who Am I? What is the Purpose of my Life?

These two most frequently asked questions by seekers and most of humanity are brilliantly and clearly answered and explained in this serene clip from Sadhviji’s Divine Satsang. The use of beautiful visualization, introspection and meditation techniques, she says, are invaluable tools in rediscovering the truth...

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Can Spirituality make us Pain-Free?

Ironically, spirituality actually makes us feel everything more intensely than walking a non-spiritual path. It’s true – being disconnected from spirit makes it so easy to say “Not My Problem” when confronted with the challenges and issues of living in a global community. ...

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Learning to say “No”

Does spirituality make you a doormat? Does surrender mean you have to take everything that everyone dishes out? So many people think that giving-in and giving-up are synonymous with the spiritual virtue of surrender. But, none of the Scriptures says that we must be...

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Inner Self and Outer World

Sadhviji addresses Mumbai Mudrak Sangh: ‘Inner Self and Outer World’: During times like these when the outer world is in such a state of chaos and dis-ease, listen to Sadhviji shed her light and wisdom on how to take care of our inner selves. Be...

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