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Finding Peace amidst the Chaos

When we see someone else’s behavior and react to it, we can become focused on their karma. Sadhviji encourages us to focus on our inner being - “the noise that bothers us most is the noise inside”. Our spiritual practices are key to “experiencing noiselessness...

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Finding Balance in Life

In another variation on the theme of balancing life and spirituality, Sadhviji begins by explaining how each time the question is asked the answer is a bit different because the questioner’s perspective is unique to them. Finding balance between hobbies, career, spiritual pursuits, and family...

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A Path Of Renunciation For All Walks Of Life

Sadhviji is asked to speak about the path of a renunciant for the modern age. As she reflects on the nature of a sannyasi and her own experience, she says little has changed. Renunciation is about a deeper longing to be connected with God. Surrendering...

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