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Let Faith Be the Vehicle of Expansion

During Sadhviji's address upon the 75th-anniversary of the signing of the Charter of the United Nations, hosted by the United Nations Association of San Francisco (where the Charter was originally signed), Grace Cathedral and United Religions Initiative, she shares the deep and powerful history of...

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#Faith4HarmReduction – Commemorating the Global Day of Action and the Support Don’t Punish Campaign in times of Covid-19

Senior Faith Leaders, United Religions Initiative, UNAIDS and The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria join hands to support harm reduction! United Religions Initiative - North India Region in partnership with India HIV/AIDS Alliance is commemorating this year’s World Drug Day by engaging faith-based...

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Vision for the Future World

Since the onset of the Coronavirus, and even long before Covid, we’ve been speaking about the need for a New Normal. We have been given this global emergency as an opportunity to “emerge and see,” to reassess, rethink and recreate our world. But who is...

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Spirituality and Activism

Sadhviji responds passionately and eloquently to the ongoing racism, separation and violence that are currently permeating our world. She addresses the steps needed on both an individual and societal level to co-create a world of true oneness, and she explains clearly where spirituality and action...

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