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The Beauty of Simplicity

The world can be a complicated and challenging place. That is why simplicity is such a wonderful thing. Simplicity doesn't mean shallowness or superficiality. It actually means cutting through the drama to the core essence of life. Imagine a glorious sunset, or the...

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What is Peace?

Today is #InternationalPeaceDay. It's such a beautiful opportunity to look deep into ourselves and our societies and see how we can blossom and open our hearts into full peace for all. First, though, we have to ask why are we not in peace? We...

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Forgiving the Unforgivable

Who deserves our forgiveness? When do we forgive? In this age of Kali Yuga, there’s a lot to forgive. The entire universe, it seems, is predisposed to commit unspeakable acts against all of Creation. But, for our own peace, for our own freedom, we must...

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Vision for the Future World

Since the onset of the Coronavirus, and even long before Covid, we’ve been speaking about the need for a New Normal. We have been given this global emergency as an opportunity to “emerge and see,” to reassess, rethink and recreate our world. But who is...

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