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Can Spirituality make us Pain-Free?

Ironically, spirituality actually makes us feel everything more intensely than walking a non-spiritual path. It’s true – being disconnected from spirit makes it so easy to say “Not My Problem” when confronted with the challenges and issues of living in a global community. ...

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Forgiving the Unforgivable

Who deserves our forgiveness? When do we forgive? In this age of Kali Yuga, there’s a lot to forgive. The entire universe, it seems, is predisposed to commit unspeakable acts against all of Creation. But, for our own peace, for our own freedom, we must...

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Forgiving an Abusive Partner

Domestic Abuse – Forgiving, Letting Go, Moving On and Finding Peace In cases of domestic abuses there are a myriad of so many different streams of emotions like anger, shame, blame, pain, regret and guilt. In trying to heal this trauma it’s important to recognize that...

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