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From Self-Hatred to Self-Love

How do we switch from self-hatred to self-love? What does "I am nothing" actually mean? Does it mean I shouldn't love myself? Am I really still pure and perfect in spite of the imperfections of my body, mind and ego? Pujya Sadhviji explains and answers...

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Love Lies Inside You

Pujya Sadhviji explains beautifully in This Divine Satsang, that True Love cannot be contained, cannot be measured in volume or weight or size. Love is energy. And if we try to put a cap on love. we actually supress the most beautiful Divine flow of...

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How do I Love Myself?

Enjoy satsang with Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati ji answering more questions around life and #spirituality. Today's topics included a discussion on loving yourself by showing yourself the same #compassion you show others & how we can have hope, faith, and trust in people when we see...

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Building Tolerance by Breaking Walls

Today is UNESCO’s International Day for Tolerance, a day set aside each year to affirm that tolerance is neither indulgence nor indifference. As defined by the UN Declaration, it is respect and appreciation of the rich variety of our world's cultures, our forms of expression...

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