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Sadhviji Shares Her Beautiful Diwali Message

Diwali is the most-festive time of the year in India. A beautiful and wondrous combination of celebration and reflection that is as rich as the culture and heritage of Bharat. In my holiday message I share that, on Diwali, we relight the light...

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Happy Independence Day!

This morning, Independence Day morning, I had the wonderful joy of spending a few minutes with our Rishikumars at our Ashram in Veerpur, in the rural and rustic nature. After joining Pujya Swamiji in hoisting the flag I had the opportunity to share with them...

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Krishna Janmashtami

With #KrishnaJanmashtami just a day away, we look forward to celebrating #LordKrishna's birth in human form. To honor it, we offer this restreaming of a beautiful satsang by Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswatiji reminding us the teachings of Lord Krishna, encouraging us to contemplate & imbibe His...

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