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Faith & Surrender Tag

Learning to say “No”

Does spirituality make you a doormat? Does surrender mean you have to take everything that everyone dishes out? So many people think that giving-in and giving-up are synonymous with the spiritual virtue of surrender. But, none of the Scriptures says that we must be...

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Let Faith Be the Vehicle of Expansion

During Sadhviji's address upon the 75th-anniversary of the signing of the Charter of the United Nations, hosted by the United Nations Association of San Francisco (where the Charter was originally signed), Grace Cathedral and United Religions Initiative, she shares the deep and powerful history of...

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What Is Surrender?

Occasionally, we come to situations in life where we’ve pushed and pulled and done everything we can to make things go our way, but sometimes what is in our best interest is to surrender. But, what does it mean to surrender? Does it mean we’re...

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Best Way to be One with God

Is there one element of Sadhana that is most helpful in achieving communion with God? Yes, surrender for sure! Surrender to God’s will. Surrender the Ego, let go of the wanting and the attachment. Pujya Sadhviji reminds us that we have a duty to use...

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Corona Virus – Facts & Faith

The world is facing something that most of us haven't witnessed in our lifetimes: A virus that sprang out of nowhere and now threatens literally hundreds of millions of our brothers and sisters around the world with the ultimate finality. Not only that, but this...

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