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Faith & Surrender Tag

Freedom from Fear and Anxiety

The opposite of fear is faith - and so begins Pujya Sadhviji’s insights into finding freedom from fear and anxiety. She continues with sharing a story from her guru about a little boy who has freedom from fear through faith in his mother. With humor...

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Freedom through a spiritual life

Celebrating India’s Independence Day, Pujya Sadhvi Bhagawati ji is asked about independence from a spiritual perspective. Her illuminating response details the spiritual path as a way to freedom - by letting go of attachments, ego, and expectations - and finding Joy, Bliss, and Contentment....

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True Wisdom, True Power

Living in the world, the life we lead, is the path to knowing one’s self. This knowing, or wisdom, is the foundation for seeing we are not defined by our roles. Pujya Sadhviji give examples and practical steps for knowing one’s self, letting go and...

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