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Environment & Living Green Tag

Nature is the Answer

There is so much stress, uncertainty and depression that are a second pandemic these days. For so many of us the situation that causes us to suffer exists mostly in our own minds. We judge and condemn ourselves so severely that we create our own...

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Climate Change and Us

In the midst of the dense, lush forests it’s hard to imagine how threatened and fragile they are. As we travel through California, from the coastal redwoods to the inland Sequoias, pine trees and so many other species, one narrative pervades: fire and drought! The...

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Ethical & Moral Dilemmas

So, you've sworn-off flying and driving and burning your trash because you don't want to hurt the environment with the carbon emissions..and, then you get an invitation to attend a major conference on ways to save the environment - in London. And, you live...

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Earth Day Message

In this stirring Earth Day message filmed at the Santa Monica Pier on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, Sadhviji focuses on the divinity of Mother Nature, her soothing voice reminding us of the beauty and the majesty of God's creation, and the power of...

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Earth Day

As I reflect on this Sacred Day Earth Day, it's obvious as I look out up to Himalayan mountains and watch the crystal clear, beautiful Ma Ganga that Mother Earth is celebrating her healing and freedom. The waters are clear, the air is clean. For...

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