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Consciousness & Awareness Tag

Where is Consciousness Located?

If consciousness is a thing, it's got to be somewhere. But, where? Is it in the brain? In each individual cell? Where? Many people do believe that consciousness exists in the brain, but in this beautiful teaching offered in the presence of HH Param Pujya...

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Expanding The Toolbox For Life

Parmarth Niketan · Expanding The Toolbox For Life So many times, we feel guilty because of something that we've said and done - something that we wish we could take back. The dilemma in these circumstances is that we take this guilt and turn it against...

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“Showing Gratitude to God / Addicted to Distraction / Be Conscious of Consciousness / Why Meditate? / Yoga a Religion?”, OmTimes Radio

Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati at Parmarth Niketan discusses the following topics and answers questions from seekers from around the world, during her daily Satsang from the banks of the holy Ganga River: The Best Way to Show Gratitude to God Addicted to Distraction To Be Conscious...

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