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Sadhviji’s Divine Satsang: How Do We Overcome Boredom?

Dec 05 2021

Sadhviji’s Divine Satsang: How Do We Overcome Boredom?

From the holy banks of Mother Ganga, Pujya Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswatiji leads a Divine Live Satsang in the Satsang Room of Parmarth Niketan, responding to questions taken from our Parmarth Parivar at home and abroad with Drops of Wisdom that help us all to go deeper into our spiritual path!

The first question, submitted from one of our global family members outside of India, wonders how they can overcome boredom – an affliction that Sadhviji shares occurs when we’re not connected. The solution, she beautifully suggests, is therefore quite easy!

Next, questions from our beautiful family in the Satsang Room, including why we pray and whether prayers actually change our destiny; why emotionally sensitive people are considered weak; and, why is it that ambition can seemingly age us, or make us more mature, and take us away from our peers. To each question, Sadhviji answers with inspiring insights that help guide us to a God-centered solution!

Finally, a question about not losing hope and staying motivated during the seemingly endless Covid pandemic leads Sadhviji to encourage us all to consider all of the other things that are affecting the world that we can actually do something about – from climate change and environmental challenges to water shortages, and rising sea levels – and consider actually doing something about them!

Tune-in every night for Divine Satsang with Sadhviji from the Holy Banks of Mother Ganga for the guidance that has helped so many people all over the world to heal and transform their lives!

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