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Sadhviji at Women Millionaire Summit 2020

Jul 24 2020

Sadhviji at Women Millionaire Summit 2020

Watch Sadhviji give the inaugural keynote address at Women Millionaire Summit 2020: ‘Dawn of a New Era’, which so many renowned speakers from across the world participated in. In Sadhviji’s opening speech, she speaks about the Spiritual Quotient – what does Spiritual Intelligence look like? What is the SQ made of? What role does spirituality play in success and prosperity?

This 3-day e-summit took women through a journey on various aspects of life such as Spirituality, Self-Development, looking within and rediscovering one’s self. It covered areas such as Thought Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Business and Technology. See www.WomenMillionaireSummit.com for details.

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