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Sacred Hanuman Jayanti Message

Apr 27 2021

Sacred Hanuman Jayanti Message

When I forget myself I serve You. When I remember Myself I am You.” – The lessons of Hanumanji

Today is the sacred day of Hanuman Jayanti the day that our Beloved Hanumanji came on to this earth. He took his sacred form to inspire us on how to be true devotees. His life is the epitome of devotion in action. Sadhvji lovingly shares how Hanuman attributed all his ability for his miraculous feats only to the grace of Lord Ram. When asked how he was able to do his great works, he said: “I close my eyes and take Bhagwan Ram’s name and it happens”. When you take God’s name, when you love God, take God’s name in devotion and miracles happen. Hanumanji reminds us that all that matters in the world is the presence of God. All of our happiness, joy, and peace comes in the presence of God.

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