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Rewiring your Brain – From Old Sanskaras to New

Sep 21 2020

Rewiring your Brain – From Old Sanskaras to New

In our life we think, act and choose based on patterns, impressions — sanskaras – that have formed in our minds/brains throughout this life and even from earlier lifetimes. And whatever happens to us or around us, we react based on those impressions. And, the more react, the deeper those impressions become. So, if you react with anger to a certain situation, anger – and even more anger – is the way that you will keep reacting to that situation. Throwing a temper tantrum makes you more likely to throw a temper tantrum.

You can change course! The brain AND the mind can be changed! It only requires some consciousness, mindfulness and awareness. In this stimulating video from the Divine Satsang, Sadhviji beautifully guides us through the process of doing just that!

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