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Recognise the Voice of the EGO

Nov 29 2021

Recognise the Voice of the EGO

The Ego is such a game-player, wearing different hats and even different masks to convince us that it’s the good guy, looking out for our best interests. It’ll even go so far as to tell us that our Dharma is to cheat and steal and back-stab to get a certain job or gain a kind of advantage. So, since it’s so good at the games, how do we tell what’s Ego and what is our actual Dharma?

In this amazing teaching, offered in the presence of her divine Guru, HH Param @Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswati – Muniji, Sadhviji not only explains why there’s this eternal conflict with the Ego, but offers two easy ways to figure-out whether the “calling” that you’re getting is divinely-inspired or another little game cooked-up by the ever-present Ego.

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