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Raksha Bandhan: An Opportunity for Divine Connection

Aug 26 2018

Raksha Bandhan: An Opportunity for Divine Connection

This article was published on The Speaking Tree, here.

On the beautiful holiday of Raksha Bandhan, the holiday of love, brotherhood, sisterhood, friendship and protection, let us use this opportunity to examine the depths of our relationships. Deep connection is one of the most important aspects of human life. We are wired – spiritually and biologically – to thrive on connection, direct connection with the Divine and connection with the Divine through our deep connection with others. Our sisters and brothers, by blood or by heart, are not ours in a bargain. Yes, in the symbolism of Raksha Bandhan the girls or women tie the rakhi of love, and the boys, or men, pledge to protect their sisters. But that is not a deal, or give and take arrangement. Rather, love, sweetness, and protection are inherent aspects of every deep and meaningful connection. That which we love, we naturally protect.

Where there is love, there is sweetness. Where there is love, there is connection. The thread of the rakhi is a symbol of that connection. So as we feed each other sweets and tie strings on each others’ wrists, let us take a moment and look deeply in each others’ eyes and hearts. Let us experience, together, not just the sweetness of the mithai but the sweetness of the connection. Let us truly see the divine in each other.

Also, today, let us expand our feeling of brotherhood and sisterhood to include our entire earth family. Our scriptures remind us Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam, the world is a family. Raksha Bandhan is the opportunity to deeply remember that. Can we, on this occasion, deeply realize that all of those with whom we share this planet are our sisters and brothers, and it is our responsibility to love and protect them? That means we must protect their lives, their dignity, their human rights, and their access to clean air, water and soil.

Let our actions, in every minute of every day be those that stem from a deep awareness of the invisible rakhi which ties us to every girl and boy, man and woman, tree, mountain, river on this planet. Let us pledge to love and protect them. Just as we would not harm, abuse, deprived, subjugate, or destroy our rakhi sister and brother, so we must realize all of divine Creation is our sister and brother. As we tie the physical rakhi on our brothers, and as we pledge to protect our sisters, let us simultaneously tie the rakhi of our dedication, commitment, and sincere protection around Mother Earth and all of our siblings with whom we share it.

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