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“अमेरिका से पीएचडी, भारत में गंगा की सेवा”, NDTV

“अमेरिका से पीएचडी, भारत में गंगा की सेवा”, NDTV

Sadhvi Bhagawatiji was interviewed again in another NDTV piece. We filmed this after the live interview on Badi-Kabar (Big News show) posted previously. The anchor had gotten calls from her Delhi desk that people wanted to know more… this made Sadhviji so happy because NDTV is a news channel, perhaps India’s largest; it’s not a place people would go looking for spiritual talks and inspiration. So the fact that they had her stay on to do another personal interview at the request of the Delhi desk was really really touching and humbling.

Watch the interview here.


January 19, 2013


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