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Poison becomes Nectar – The Story of Meerabai

Jul 21 2020

Poison becomes Nectar – The Story of Meerabai

In this beautiful video offering, filmed in the divine gardens of Parmarth Niketan, Sadhviji brilliantly details the story of Meerabai, whose devotion to Lord Krishna transcended her marriage, her family and her standing in the world. No matter what her detractors did or said, it was her perfect love and devotion for Bhagwan Krishna that sustained her…and united her with the Divine.

Today, science tells us that it’s all in our mind. What we think of something actually creates what it is. Meerabai is the divine example of that. For her, poison became nectar, and snakes became a garland of flowers. For this reason, Meerabai is the one that we bow to, the one that we pray to so that we, too, can have that one love, that one devotion, that Shakti of Bhakti in our lives.

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