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Oct 15 2015

Empowerment of Women: Day 1 Parliament of the World Religions

Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati inspired and touched everyone during a beautiful session on the first day of the Parliament of the World's Religions in Salt Lake Cityon a session themed 'Religious and Spiritual Sources of Inspiration and Empowerment for Women' so that they can be the change that they want to see in the world. She spoke on a panel with the following beautiful and renowned women: Marianne Williamson, internationally acclaimed spiritual author and lecturer Phyllis Curott is an attorney, author, Vice-Chair of the Parliament and Chair of the Women’s Task Force Bishop Dr. Barbara...

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Sep 27 2015

United Nations Agencies, Faith Leaders Sign Historic Declaration

United Nations Agencies, Faith Leaders Sign Historic Declaration UN-Habitat, in collaboration with other United Nations agencies and the Global Interfaith WASH Alliance, held a closed-door meeting in New York in which a historic declaration was approved by all parties in order to help meet the Sustainable Development Goals through partnerships with Faith-Based Organizations. 783 million people do not have access to clean water and almost 2.5 billion do not have access to sanitation, without which the Sustainable Development Goals cannot be achieved. At the same time, over 83% of the world’s population...

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Sep 24 2015

Moral & Spiritual Imperative to End Extreme Poverty

New York- Leaders of the world’s foremost faith organizations gathered today to send a loud and unique signal of solidarity in order to end global poverty as a unified force. From India, Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji, President of Parmarth Niketan Ashram and Co-Founder, Global Interfaith WASH Alliance and Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati, Secretary-General, Global Interfaith WASH Alliance were invited and requested to speak on the auspicious occasion. Watch the #faith2endpoverty pledge https://t.co/ksC9LnCmAS The gatherings, hosted by the World Bank, United Nations and Faith-Based Organizations including the Global Interfaith WASH Alliance, signified a...

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Sep 24 2015

Pujya Swamiji and Sadhvi Bhagawatiji pay homage to H.H. Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswatiji at the time of His Mahasamadhi

RISHIKESH- HH Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswatiji, one of the most renowned and beloved saints of India attained Mahasamadi yesterday at his ashram in Rishikesh. Said HH Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji, President of Parmarth Niketan, Rishikesh and Co-Founder of the Global Interfaith WASH Alliance, “Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswatiji was a great inspiration for this world. Through his timeless wisdom, humour and compassionate approach, he brought the holy teachings of the Vedas to the masses, so that they could be realized and lived in the hearts of all. He will be greatly missed....

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Sep 23 2015

Banega Swachh India Meeting and Dinner in Delhi

Global Interfaith WASH Alliance's Co-Founder, Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswati, and Secretary-General, Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswatiji, were warmly received at a dinner meeting hosted and organized by RB, formerly known as Reckitt Benckiser and makers of popular household products Dettol and Harpic. The Global Board of Directors of RB were present at the dinner, as was the British High Commissioner, Sir James Bevan KCMG, and Nobel Peace Prize winner and Indian children's rights and education advocate, Shri Kailash Satyarthi Last year RB launched a nation-wide initiative, Banega Swacch India, in support of the government’s...

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Sep 22 2015

Green Drive at Delhi Public School

Pujya Swamiji and Sadhvi Bhagawatiji were Guests of Honour at a special programme at the Delhi Public School in RK Puram.The programme started with a large-scale tree-plantation on the school campuses. A campaign to support plantation of fruit trees in over 70 other schools was also launched which DPS,will coordinate and support in the planting of fruit trees on their school campuses. Sadhvi Bhagawatiji spoke to the auditorium filled with children by sharing, "You must not only grow but you must thrive. You must not only follow but lead. The best...

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Sep 07 2015

Meeting with Honourable Shivpal Yadavji in Lucknow

Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswati Ji and Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati Ji met with the Honourable State Minister of Irrigation, Uttar Pradesh, Shri Shivpal Singh YadavJi to discuss the progress of the Clean and Green River Gomti project. The Hon'ble Minister previously met with and was inspired by Pujya Swamiji’s commitment during the Allahabad Kumbha Mela in 2013. After Hon'ble Yadavji's snan (holy dip) in the sacred Sangam (confluence of Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati) he vowed to create a green model and example on the banks of the River Gomti, one of...

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Sep 03 2015

Saints Inspire Masses for Swachh Kumbha Mela

India’s foremost dharm gurus came together at the Kumbha Mela for a two day Swachh Kumbha event, which concluded on 3rd Sept with a large function at the Shri Jagannath Camp, Nasik. The first day's event, on Sept 2nd, took place at the Shri Guru Karshni Camp, Trimbakeshwar. The highest mahamandaleshwars of the akharas, Ramanandacharyas, Ramanujacharyas and other revered saints spoke on the crucial importance of clean and healthy water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) at historic events organised by the Global Interfaith WASH Alliance, Parmarth Niketan, Rishikesh and WASH United....

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Sep 02 2015

Nashik Kumbha Mela: Shanti Aur Kranti

Bringing a Peaceful Revolution for WASH and Sanitation for All Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswati Ji's visit to Nashik Kumbha Mela was truly remarkable and revolutionary. On the first night of Pujya Swamiji and Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati Ji's arrival, He joined HH the Dalai Lama Ji, Pujya Mahamandeleshwar Swami Gurusharanandji Maharaj, and many other revered saints for a sacred Aarti ceremony at the Kushavarta, the holy kund (pond) in Trimbakeshwar. On the second day of His visit, Pujya Swamiji was one of the revered spiritual leaders with HH the Dalai Lamaji, Pujya Mahamandeleshwar...

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Aug 27 2015

Buddhist Heritage Festival of Ladakh

Pujya Swamiji and Sadhvi Bhagawatiji visited Ladakh for the week-long 4th International Festival of Buddhist Heritage of Ladakh, from 23-27th August, 2015.The inauguration of the the festival was done by Hon'ble Defence Minister, Government of India, Shri Manohar Parikkarji, HH Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji, President of Parmarth Niketan (Rishikesh), Yoga Guru, HH Pujya Swami Ramdevji, Founder-President of Patanjali Yogpeeth, Pujya Acharya Balkrishanji, renowned Ayurveda Expert of Patanjali Yogpeeth, Venerable Bhikkhu Sanghasenaji, Founder-President of Mahabodhi International Meditation Centre (MIMC)-responsible also for organizing the festival, Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswatiji and many, many others. The...

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