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Navratri Satsang: Goddess Skandamata – Day 5

Oct 21 2020

Navratri Satsang: Goddess Skandamata – Day 5

Special Navratri LIVE satsang & Meditation: Join Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswati for a very special nine-day Navratri Satsang & guided meditation at sunset, where she will be sharing the divine aspects of each of 9 forms of the Divine Mother Goddess, as well as the 9 forms of ego which, with the grace of the Devi, we can be free of and go deeper on our spiritual path. This fifth day of Navratri was the day of Goddess #Skandamata whose abode is in the vishuddha chakra. Sadhviji shares with us the mantra for Maa Skandamata and how to connect with Her in our hearts and lives, and also how to be free of Chanda, or over-analytical mind, the fifth form of ego.

Today’s questions included a discussion on the answer to how to diminish the confusion about who is thinking the thoughts in the mind & who we are and the role we play.

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