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Navratri Meditation & Satsang: Goddess Maha Gauri

Oct 24 2020

Navratri Meditation & Satsang: Goddess Maha Gauri

Join Sadhvi Bhagawatiji for a very special nine-day Navratri Satsang & guided meditation at sunset, where she is sharing the divine aspects of each of 9 forms of the Divine Mother Goddess, as well as the 9 forms of ego which, with the grace of the Devi, we can be free of and go deeper on our spiritual path. This eighth day of Navratri is the day of Goddess #Mahagauri and Siddhi Datri – the giver of powers. Sadhviji explains that the greatest power is Shuddhi (purity) – purity of mind, thought and heart. It is this power of purity that draws Bhagawan Shiva to Maha Gauri, the embodiment of Parvati in the form of the young girl, full of love and devotion for Shiva.

On this day of #DurgaPuja Sadhviji also emphasizes the importance of worshipping, celebrating, respecting and revering the Divine Feminine in the girls and women of our own families and lives — our sisters, mothers, daughters and wives. They are all embodiments of the Divine Mother, as is Mother Earth and Mother Nature!

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