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Narad Jayanti – A tricky story of Divine Intervention

May 08 2020

Narad Jayanti – A tricky story of Divine Intervention

Another beautiful story from the grounds of Parmarth Niketan! On this holiday of Narad Jayanti, we celebrate the birth of the great sage Narad ji, the bringer of wisdom, light, and also a composer of the Bhakti Sutra.

In this video, Sadhvi lovingly recounts her personal favorite story of Naradji when he gets what he needs but NOT what he wants from Lord Vishnu! This story gives us beautiful teachings for our own lives, especially for the interweaving between spiritual enlightenment, spiritual awakening, and also the very human ego, frailty, and ignorance.

It also shows the perfection of karma because, what befalls Narad Ji, and his furious reaction is a necessary precursor for the story of Ramayan to take place.

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