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Mother’s Day Celebrations

May 11 2020

Mother’s Day Celebrations

In celebration of Mothers all over the world, Param Pujya Swamiji carried out a beautiful Ganga Aarti in his Jyopri (garden) for Maa Durga and gave a Divine Satsang for our online community with Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswatiji. Pujya Swamiji so perfectly reminded us, “When I say “Mother,” I mean many things. Of course I mean the actual Mother who gave birth to you. I also mean your Mother land, and your Mother tongue. Most importantly, I also mean the Divine Mother of all — the Goddess. In this Mother, we find that there are not only our own Mothers, but there are Mothers everywhere. We find Mother Nature, Mother Earth, Mother Ganga. In the arms of the Mother, you feel that everything is right. It’s like being in the womb, in the arms of the mother. You know nothing can go wrong. It’s the same feeling that a child has sitting in his Mother’s lap. Nothing can go wrong.”

Sadhviji added, “On this beautiful Mother’s Day, I offer my deepest love and gratitude to Mother Ganga, who has birthed my soul and brought me to Her lap to be blessed with Her presence and grace. What a sacred, Divine gift She is. On this special day, let’s give Her the gift of committing and pledging to keep Her clean and protected!”

The rains in Rishikesh were cleared away and Mother Ganga’s Holy Banks were blessed with another beautiful sunset, the perfect way to honour the Divine Feminine, Shakti and Sacred Female Energy on Mothers’ Day.

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