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Menstruation & the Divine Worshipable Shakti

Nov 20 2020

Menstruation & the Divine Worshipable Shakti

On World Toilet Day, Sadhviji delivered an inspiring address amongst an august panel of experts at the World Toilet Organization’s #WorldToiletSummit. She shared important insights about Menstrual Hygiene Management – perhaps one of the most-important and least-discussed health issues facing so many women across India and around the world and an important element in so many of the United Nations’ #sustainabledevelopmentgoals

“The average woman,” Sadhviji emphasized “spends seven years – seven years! – of her life menstruating. Our sisters, our mothers, our wives spend seven years! But, do we give it more than a passing thought? So, menstrual health is a critical element for women, as well as for men, because if you love any menstruating woman in your life, this is where/how she’s spending seven years.”

Watch, listen and share this video in which Sadhviji explains the sheer magnitude of that fact, and why recognizing that has made Menstrual Hygiene Management such a personal mission for her and for the passionate work that she does as the Secretary-General of the Global Interfaith WASH Alliance.

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