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Men and the Divine Feminine

Jul 12 2021

Men and the Divine Feminine

There are so many gender roles that society places on us that we tend to forget that the Divine Feminine resides in all of us, just as the Divine Masculine resides in all of us. Now, that doesn’t have anything to do with sex organs or the ratio of your chest to waist to hips. It has nothing to do with male or female. It has do to do with energy. It has to do with a divine energy that exists in all of us – not with the roles or the characteristics that society imposes upon us.

Before we can even begin to connect with any divinity within ourselves – whether that’s the Divine Feminine or the Divine Masculine – we must break free of all of those labels that society gives us. Black/white, masculine/feminine, old/young, ugly/beautiful…you name it. We must move past all of that.

And, in this sublime video, Sadvhiji shares how we can do it, so that we can connect with the truth of who we are and the divine – masculine or feminine – within.

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