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Let us Break Down the Walls Between Us!

May 06 2021

Let us Break Down the Walls Between Us!

Despite the fact that we humans tend to be very social beings, there’s almost a preternatural predisposition to erect walls between ourselves and others. This separation is what we walk a spiritual path to eliminate because these walls don’t just separate us from each other, but from the Divine, as well.

Now, in this dreadful age of Covid, is not the time to erect those walls – it’s the time to tear them down. Quickly and completely.

Sadhviji so beautifully shares in this serene video filmed in the Redwood forest of California: “This is the time for all of us to finally let go of this us vs them mentality; to finally let go of our silos; of these identities that are rooted in an us that requires a them. There is no other. There is only self.”

“Our future…our presence,” she declares, “depends upon it.”

Use Sadhviji’s eloquent words to inspire and motivate you to break down the barriers between us!

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