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Karma Yoga – I serve MYSELF in YOU

Jul 09 2020

Karma Yoga – I serve MYSELF in YOU

Yoga, as Sadhivji beautifully explains, is not simply the union of the nose to the knees or the hands to the toes, It is the union of the physical self to the Divine. Yoga is union founded upon right action, right doing, and right thought. Karma on the other hand means action. So Karma Yoga is the undertaking of action that is rooted in an awareness of union to the Divine.

When I open my eyes from my meditation, if my meditation is real and deep, I should experience oneness not only with a formlessCreator but also with Creation—our sisters and brothers with whom we share this planet. Thus, we serve.

This is why it’s a fundamental tenet of a deep, real-true spiritual path to be of service to others, to provide for them as we provide for ourselves. .If you trip and injure your right leg, your left leg will pick up the extra weight. We call this limping. There is no need for anyone to say, ‘Oh great humanitarian left leg, would you mind picking up a little bit of extra weight?’ The left leg does not anticipate an award or a gold star. It does it because it understands that the right leg is self. That is the goal of service—to serve myself in you.

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