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Is Renunciation Necessary to Get Closer to God?

Sep 16 2021

Is Renunciation Necessary to Get Closer to God?

So many people believe that Renunciation – becoming a Hindu Swami or Sadhvi – is the only way to ensure that we can achieve and maintain a close relationship to God. That donning the saphron robes will transform our earth-bound, possession-focused lives from consumption to connection and we will live in eternal bliss the moment that our Guru completes our initiation. But, is that what we’re truly supposed to do?

In this informative video from the Divine Satsang, Sadhviji beautifully explains that saphron robes and renunciation don’t automatically provide us with the connection to God – and, that they aren’t really necessary to achieve it. Sharing from her own personal experience, she explains that the most-important part of connecting to God is simply doing everything that we can to get closer to Him.

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