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Is it wrong to Charge Money?

Aug 11 2020

Is it wrong to Charge Money?

Money is a currency of energy that just happens to be the currency through which most of the world operates today. Whether it’s the best currency to use is up for debate, but for now it’s the tool that we use to make our way in the world.

What’s important is our intent, as Sadhviji shares in this stunning Divine Satsang moment along the holy banks of Mother Ganga. If we provide a service or a product expecting any kind of remuneration or payback, we deprive ourselves of the opportunity to give…to be a giver. We should ask ourselves if we are able to enjoy the act of giving without the expectation of a return. There’s nothing wrong with making money – even lots of money – but, it is the joy of giving which provides the most sublime form of payment.

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