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Indian Society for Training & Development’s 4th Eastern Regional Conference in Kolkata

Mar 25 2017

Indian Society for Training & Development’s 4th Eastern Regional Conference in Kolkata

Pujya Swamiji and Sadhvi Bhagawatiji addressed a group of more than 500 professional human resource managers, industry experts, academicians, and practicing management MBA students during the Indian Society for Training & Development’s (ISTD) 4th Eastern Regional Conference in Kolkata, which is part of a national institution devoted to human resource development through trainers, with international affiliations based in Geneva and Manila.

The theme of the conference was on “Re-engineering Training & Development for Improving Bottom Line.” Present at the conference were Dr. Partha Chatteerjee – MIC, Government of West Bengal, Mr. MoloyGhatak – MIC, Government of West Bengal, NetajiSubhashChand Bose’s grandson, Mr. BiplabGanguly, Senior Director of FICCI Shri NirankarSaxenaji with his wife SmtSavetaSaxenaji, Dr. Nataraj Ray, National Vice President & Chairman Organizing Committee, Mr. Gopal Singh, CMD, Central Coalfields Ltd, Dr. R. Karthikeyan, National President, ISTD & Managing Director, Gemba Mgmt. Consulting Pvt. Ltd. Chennai and Dr. Ruma Gomes

Sadhvi Bhagawatiji shared, “It is important to remember that the greatest resource in any institute or company is not its financial or material resources but truly its human resource. Today, many excelling international companies and businesses are beginning to realize that the investment in the health and wellness of their employees is the most valuable investment in the overall bottom line of their company. Our bottom line is intricately and intimately connected and co-related to the bottom line of others. So, if I grow and progress and you are not growing and progressing it will not be a sustainable nor a truly rewarding progress. Hence, it is crucial that we realize developing human resources should be not just be with more and more information but truly with the inspiration to increase each individual’s mindfulness so that they can function not only as robots but as creative human beings whose insights and ideas in turn benefit the company, the country and the world.”

PujyaSwamiji said, “I have not completed an MBA. I was only eight when I went into the jungles in silence and for sadhana, in tapas. Since then I feel that I have been doing my MDA- Masters in Devotional Administration. What I can share with you from my time in the jungle, with the sadhus, the rishis and the saints, is that even when things were not set, no guarantee of anything, no luxuries or comforts, if you asked them how they were doing they would say super. Today in our companies and businesses if we ask employees or even CEOs how they are doing they say ‘fine’ or ‘okay.’ Some say, if my boss was like this, then my life would be so much better or if my employees were like this, then everything would be better. But when in the jungles there was nothing and we can be super then being here how can we still have that state of mind? I think for this we need an inner engineering. We must each institute and as individuals ensure that along with our projects, proposals and achieving promotions, how can we realize that we ourselves are the biggest project? To truly succeed in this key project,the three multi vitamins of meditation, no reaction and introspection can be very helpful. Meditation in the morning helps us connect with that who we really are. No reaction allows us to remember that the remote control to our actions, behaviors and words are in our hands. We learn to respond not react, think before we act. Then introspection allows us to check our own balance sheet. Did we become better or bitter today? What did we do that we could have done better? Did our volume go up with our employees or co-workers? We begin to reflect on our own live movie, recorded in our super digital camera, that GPS inside, God’s Perfect System, and offer it all back to the divine insurance company. Let that divine insurance company guide you. Because it is only by becoming better human beings do we simultaneously become better workers and better resources for our companies and our world.”

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