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How to Prioritise Your Duties?

Nov 21 2021

How to Prioritise Your Duties?

You’ve got a full life. We know you do. In this, the 21st Century, there is just so much going on all around us and within our families and circle of friends that “fullness” is actually probably not a strong enough word to describe your life. You’ve got family duties, work duties, school duties – and, even duties that everyone on social media says that you’ve got, whether you actually have them or not! So, yeah, you’re busy! So, you might be wondering how you prioritise all of those duties – how you organize them so you actually get them all done.

In this helpful teaching, Sadhviji shares that – when we’re thinking about our duties – there’s actually something that we need to ask ourselves before we start organizing and scheduling them. Watch and listen as she explains.

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