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How Can You Be Present When Living in the Real World?

Nov 12 2021

How Can You Be Present When Living in the Real World?

There are a couple of things that prevent us from living in the present moment. On the one hand, there’s just simple habit – we’re used to always letting our mind wander all over the place, rather than living in calm and peace. On the other hand, there’s that enormous list of things that we’re avoiding. Whether those things are emotions or responsibilities or plans or hopes – whatever those things are, they’re things that we just don’t want to deal with and want to avoid…and, that prevents us from being present, because in reality we’re trapped in the past or catapulted into the future.

Sadhviji’s beautiful teaching, however, offers us the way out – a path to living in the moment and being present while still addressing all of the things that try to derail our best efforts to stay on track!

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