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How can we get along with people holding different values?

Jul 20 2021

How can we get along with people holding different values?

It’s sometimes a shock to discover that others in your life don’t share the same values that you do, especially when those values are harmful or dangerous or discriminatory. And, when those values are held by someone that you love and treasure and respect…well, that can be a really hard thing to experience. You love them…so, they should feel and think the same way that you do, right? They should definitely want to save the planet (or, believe in equality for all or support the candidate that wants to actually help people, instead of see them suffer), right? But, as we all know, that’s not always the way life is.

The easiest – and, really, the only – way to respect differences in values is to separate the values from the person that holds them. This is essential to do when you’re dealing with family members and close friends. And, there’s a very important reason why you must do it.

In this wonderful video from the Divine Satsang, Sadhviji beautifully explains the nature of these conflicting values, the reasons why it’s so important – spiritually and humanely – to accept the differences, and the way that you can find the space and the willingness to open your heart to those that have them.

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