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God is Everywhere But Ganga is Ganga

Jul 25 2020

God is Everywhere But Ganga is Ganga

In the West,we’re taught that happiness depends upon what we do and what we have. But truthfully, it is our inner Self and our inner connection to the Divine that creates the foundation of our bliss, which is so deeply embedded in Eastern traditions. To “fix” yourself in the West, too many people simply turn to a chocolate cake or six-pack of beer. The culture tragically isn’t one of diving deeply inward, which is where bliss actualy lies.

India, however, is fertile soil for connecting to God to find that inner source of true joy. You feel it the moment you land here. There’s an energy here, something energetic that fosters introspection, meditation and divine connection. Listen to Sadhviji share how Pujya Swamiji summed up the truth so beautifully during an early trip to Los Angeles: “God is everywhere. God is in Los Angeles, London & Paris just as much as He is in Rishikesh. But, Ganga is Ganga. “

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