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Gandhi for Today

Aug 19 2020

Gandhi for Today

Gandhiji’s teachings are perennially relevant, powerful and impactful. They provide the keys to how we should live NOW, not only for India in the 1940s, trying to gain independence from British colonizers.

In this beautiful video filmed for a program titled “Gandhi in the New Era” by Harijan Sevak Sangh, the oldest Gandhian organization, founded in 1932 by Mahatma Gandhi himself, Sadhviji beautifully describes how we can, today, create a world based on Gandhian principles, based on the tenets that made Gandhiji one of the most significant leaders in history. The world needs these teachings today just as much as India needed them in the 1940s.

Listen to Sadhviji’s inspiring words, and together, let’s take Gandhiji’s vision, teachings, philosophy, and leadership and co-create a new era, a new normal.

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