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Figuring out the answer to – Who Am I?

Oct 29 2021

Figuring out the answer to – Who Am I?

How many of you have seen movies or TV shows where one of the characters says – really dramatically! – “Who am I, where am I, why am I?” It’s a pretty frequent series of questions, mostly in comedies, because it’s a really frequent question that we and so many others ask ourselves pretty regularly. But, has anyone ever really answered the question? At least satisfactorily? Probably not, because it’s not a easily-answerable question.

In a special teaching about this very topic, Sadhviji beautifully explains that – though we may never answer it – “Who am I?” is actually a very important question to ask ourselves. Not necessarily to figure out who or what we are, but – through the process of elimination – to figure out who we aren’t. Watch and listen for a truly inspiring lesson!

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