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Divine Ganga Saptami

May 01 2020

Divine Ganga Saptami

What an amazing, BLESSED day! Ganga Saptami, the day we celebrate our Sacred Mother Ganga coming onto Earth. And on this day, she is dancing. Her waters are clear, clean, and bright. She is flowing with amazing strength and speed, nourishing all of us. She continues to flow as always, but at this moment, after more than a month of lockdown, we get to see her beauty as it should be, untainted by pollution. It makes us realize, WE are the problem! When we are locked up, when we can’t shop, consume or produce, Her waters are clean! Let’s make a pledge to protect her radiance and to make whatever sacrifices necessary to keep Her flowing clean and clear even if it means we must produce less, consume less, shop less, and especially waste less!.

What a blessing to have a sacred bath in #ganga on #GangaSaptami as She flows so clear and clean! To be in #Rishikesh in #Uttarakhand is always a blessing, but especially now. Let us all commit to keeping Ma Ganga clean even after #Lockdownextention

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