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Coping with Loneliness & Isolation

Oct 05 2021

Coping with Loneliness & Isolation

We all feel lonely and isolated sometimes, but the Covid pandemic has really accentuated those feelings for a lot of people. Forced lockdowns and curfews, a perfectly-understandable concern about contracting the virus…so many things that add to a feeling of separation from everyone – even from our very closest and dearest friends and family. The reality, though, is that – despite the fact that we are highly-social beings – we are all very much on a solo path in life and, even in a room full of people, we can very much be isolated in the cave of our minds.

In this beautiful video from the Divine Satsang, Sadhviji eloquently explains that being alone is not a bad thing – and, in fact, it can be a highly-rewarding choice that affords us the opportunity to get in-touch with our true Self…someone that we sometimes seem to have a definite tendency to overlook.

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