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Celebrating Life on Endangered Species Day

May 14 2020

Celebrating Life on Endangered Species Day

Endangered Species Day along the holy banks of Mother Ganga – freshly-rejuvenated and alive with all manner of aquatic species – reminds us of how each life is unique, perfect and divine, and that we are all One and interconnected. Each life is a gift, and a beautiful expression of God’s grace, and each life should be cherished, protected and nurtured.

Pujya Swamiji and Sadhvi Bhagawatiji encouraged us all to become active in preservation efforts in our communities and wherever there is a need, and urged us to take a sankalp – a pledge – to conserve, preserve and protect all beings and species on Mother Earth – in the seas, on the land and in the sky.

They reminded us that whether its the fishes or the ferns, we are one family.

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